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    Boys' TMNT Logo Umbrella, Green, hi-res
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    $12.99 reg $14.99
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    Kids' Finding Dory Umbrella, Blue, hi-res
    Finding Dory
    $12.99 reg $14.99

Some things never change. Among them is a young boy's love for getting out in the rain on a warm summer day. Now the adventure is even more fun with boys' umbrellas from Payless. You can send your boy out to play in the rain and help keep him from getting soaking wet when he's puddle-jumping. All the little boys' umbrellas feature a wrap strap with hook-and-loop closure to make the umbrella easy to carry and store, as well as a wrist strap to help prevent loss.

At Payless, you'll find an umbrella to match just about any boy's fancy. He'll love his portable shelter, so you don't have to worry about whether he'll carry it and use it. He'll want to have it open and held high. Why? Because it'll show off his favorite animated characters, live-action superheroes, or even super-villains.

Does he want to fight evil alongside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? He can do it and stay dry with a Ninja Turtles Shell Umbrella that shows the famous heroes in a half-shell and their logo in colorful graphics.

If you're looking for toddler boys' umbrellas, call for the Paw Patrol. With the motto, "Just yelp for help," emblazoned on one panel and characters from the animated show on others, the Print Paw Patrol Umbrella is a bright, fun way to honor the doggy rescue team.

Is he a Star Wars fan? Then he can choose the Episode 7 Umbrella or the Darth Vader Umbrella. Adorned with characters from the Star Wars movie, the Episode 7 Umbrella highlights those dastardly Empire soldiers in their white armor. The Darth Vader Umbrella shows the Star Wars logo and a large graphic of the villain's black-helmeted head. You can almost hear him breathing.

Look for these boys' umbrellas and others at your Payless store, or shop online. Give your boy a reason to stay out of the rain.

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