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For active girls, the right socks and tights can be as important as the right shoes. They need to be comfortable, sure, but they also have to be fashionable. Girls' socks and tights from Payless give girls what they want and what they need.

If your girl wears flats and sneakers — and what girl doesn't? — then she'll like low-cut and ultra-low socks. If she doesn't want the socks to show at all, then Ultra-Low No-Show Socks from Minicci Girl are the perfect choice. They feature a non-slip gel tab for extra comfort.

Does she like a bit of color? Then she might enjoy Neon Low-Cut Socks. If she's a fan of Dora the Explorer, or Olaf the snowman from the movie Frozen, Payless has Dora Low-Cut Socks and Frozen Olaf Low-Cut Socks to suit her fancy. These socks are fun whether her shoes are on or off.

Many girls prefer the look of quarter socks that rise to cover the ankle. If your girl is one of them, you can stock up on Quarter Socks in six-packs from ProSprints.

Of course, low-cut and ultra-low socks are just part of the picture. You'll also find knee and bobby socks from Minicci Girl at Payless. Does your girl wear a school uniform? Get her Cable Knee Socks. They work great with uniform skirts. If she likes the scrunch look, you can pick up a pair or two of Scrunch Knee Socks — or she might prefer Textured Heart Knee Socks, with their cute heart design.

Bobby Socks made of soft cotton give your girl a classic look with cropped jeans or longer skirts — and they come in six-packs, so she'll always have a pair handy.

Clearly, there are lots of socks to choose from at Payless, but sometimes tights are the best way to go, so Payless offers a great variety from brands like Minicci Girl. Microfiber Tights will give her a comfortable fit with their soft, stretchy fabric. Cable Cotton Tights are perfect for cool weather, and Dance Tights from American Ballet Theatre for Spotlights come in an array of colors that make them ideal for either the studio or the recital.

When you're in search of girls' socks and tights, there's no need to look anywhere but Payless. Visit a Payless store near you, or shop online.

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