• Plusheez
     3.5 star rating
    (5 reviews).
  • Plusheez
     4.5 star rating
    (4 reviews).

Plusheez slippers from Payless are all about coziness, and they definitely live up to their name. By cradling your feet in plush padding, pillowing them from top to bottom, they're the perfect comfort slipper.

Consider Plusheez Girls' and Boys' Toddler Plush Booties, ideal for active little ones who are just learning to get around on their own two legs. These warm booties are the answer when it gets cold in the evening, but in addition to providing protection from the chill, they also prevent the chafing that can occur while your child is still learning how to walk.

A hook-and-loop closure lets you adjust the fit so the slippers remain firmly on the wearer, preventing them from coming off and keeping little feet from sliding around inside. The soft lining also protects your toddlers' tender feet from becoming irritated, while the padded collar keeps little ankles comfortable on uneven surfaces.

Perhaps most important, the Plusheez Toddler Plush Booties' heavily padded insole and flexible outsole work together to give kids a soft and steady landing on each step. As the padded insole makes those first steps more comfortable, the flexible outsole helps toddlers keep their balance. Learning to walk is a challenge. It can be easier with Plusheez slippers.

Of course, Plusheez slippers aren't just there for your tot when he's is standing up. They're great for cuddling in front of the TV on a cold night and playing with toys on the bedroom floor, too. Anytime your child needs something to keep those little toes toasty, Plusheez Toddler Plush Booties are up to the task. They're so comfortable, your toddler won't want to take them off.

Finding Plusheez slippers for your little one is quick and easy, so you won't have to take much time out of your busy schedule. Visit your nearest Payless store or shop online. The perfect slipper helps to launch your toddler into an adventure they can cruise through all by themselves.

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