How to Wear Cold Weather Accessories to Stay Warm in Style


Do you feel the chill in the air? It's definitely time to unpack the winter coats. But extra layers means you have to get a little more creative with accessorizing. In the warmer weather, it's easy to show off your favorite accessories. But once the temperatures start to drop, and you start covering up with a jacket, it's not as easy. Who's going to see that funky necklace when your jacket is zipped up to your chin? Here's how to wear cold weather accessories that will keep you feeling warm and looking cool.

Top Off Your Outfit With a Hat

Nothing keeps you warmer in the winter than a cable knit winter hat or beanie. Cable knit is a classic look that can be worn year after year and never go out of style. For a casual look, try a beanie with a pom on top. For dressier occasions, try a beret. Faux-fur trim is all the rage right now in winter wear, and it's an accent that will help keep you warm.

Wrap Up With a Scarf

With a few basic colors, you can have a winter scarf that matches every outfit. There are so many ways to wear a scarf, but my favorite is to start with the scarf draped around the back of your neck, with the ends in front, and toss one end over your shoulder. If you want to try something less traditional, fold the scarf in half and put it around the back of your neck. Then bring the ends through the loop and adjust as necessary. When you're not using your scarf, knit it loosely around the straps of your handbag to keep from losing it — and to add some flavor to your look.

Explore Endless Opportunities With an Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is a full-circle scarf that can be worn twisted, knitted, over your hair, or draped loosely around your shoulders. It is such a versatile winter accessory that you can even wear it as a shawl or a small cape. In the winter, it can cover your head and keep your neck warm under your winter coat. When you go inside, leave the scarf on, twist it once, and knot it to dress up your outfit. Looking for more infinity scarf inspiration? Check out Lady Life Hacks for 20 different ways to wear one.

Add a Headwrap

If the air has a bit of a bite to it without being totally frigid, you may only need a headwrap rather than a winter hat. Headwraps can be worn in a variety of ways, from high on your forehead to further back on your head. They can contain flyaway hair on a windy day and keep your ears warm. For a more festive look, try a headwrap with glitter or jewels to add some sparkle to your outfit. Glitter is always attractive for the holidays.

Keep Those Legs Warm

Winter boots may be a necessity on cold, snowy days but, you can still add style. Try wearing a boot cuff or leg warmers with your boots. Choose a bright color or geometric pattern and let the top part peek up over your boots.

Just because you have to bundle up against the winter weather doesn't mean that you can't look stylish. Stock your closet with winter accessories in a range of colors and styles. Choose black or white to match any outfit quickly, but don't be afraid to play with color. Brighten up the dull, winter weather with some fun pops of color in your accessories. No matter which ones you choose, the key to how to wear cold weather accessories is having fun with your style!