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    Boys' Spider Rainboot, Black/Red, hi-res
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    $24.99 reg $29.99
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    Boys' Spider-Man Runner, Blue/Red, hi-res
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    $22.99 reg $29.99
     3.0 star rating
    (1 reviews).
  • Spider-Man
    • Limited Edition
    • Online Exclusive
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    Boys' Toddler Spider-Man Light-Up Runner, Red, hi-res
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    $22.99 reg $24.99
     5.0 star rating
    (2 reviews).
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    Boys' Spider-Man Hiker Boot, Grey, hi-res
    $34.99 reg $39.99
     5.0 star rating
    (1 reviews).

Spider-Man captured boys' imaginations as a Marvel comic book character and, since then, a TV show and movie character for many years. He never seems to lose his appeal. That's why Ultimate Spider-Man shoes from Payless are so popular.

The Ultimate Spider-Man collection is fun, colorful, and exciting. The graphics used include Spider-Man himself, along with creatively positioned webs and bold colors. Boys can wear Spider-Man shoes with pride while sharing a little of the excitement of being a superhero.

From Spider-Man sneakers, weather boots, skate shoes, rain boots, and sandals, your little man can choose from Spider-Man shoes covering every season of the year and every kind of weather. When it's wet, he can wear rain boots with Spider-Man's dominating presence boldly rendered on the side. When the weather turns cold and snowy, he can opt for the Spider-Man weather boot with its high top to keep the snow out and the warmth in.

For fairer weather, look for the Spider-Man hiker boot or twin-gore slip-on. They're rugged and comfortable, as well as colorful and fun. Toddlers and younger boys will get a thrill from wearing Spider-Man light-up runners during this time of year. They'll get lots of exercise just making their shoes flash.

For warmer days, boys will relish a Spider-Man lighted double-strap sandal or Spider-Man Comic flip-flop. Younger kids, in particular, enjoy lighted sandals. The flip-flops are perfect for those long, hot summer days when kids want to get as close to barefoot as possible, but you want their feet protected from the rough ground.

The Ultimate Spider-Man collection from Payless is the ideal solution for putting kids in shoes you want them to wear. Whether the conditions call for boots or sandals, your boy will want to sport the right footwear.

Shop Payless stores or online for Ultimate Spider-Man shoes. You'll get the quality and styles you want at a great price, and most importantly, you'll give your boy shoes he'll love. Who's the superhero now?

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