Make sure your girl's ready to move with dance accessories from Payless. These duffel bags and tights will help her feel confident as she takes the stage.

Whether your girl wants to be a prima ballerina someday or just loves to move to music, learning to dance teaches important lessons about fitness, discipline, and self-esteem. It's also a lot of fun. It's even more fun when she goes to her lesson with girls' dance accessories from Payless.

In the practice studio, girls dress for the workout they're about to go through. They still want to look good, but practice is not the same as a recital. It's always important to have the right accessories on hand.

For classes or recitals, dance tights are essential. Payless has them in classic colors that work no matter what the occasion. They're made with Lycra, so you can be sure they'll fit and look great while your girl practices her steps or struts her stuff.

For that trip to the dance studio, your girl needs something to carry her leotard, tutu, shoes, and other accessories — so why not give her a duffel bag that not only does its job but looks cute doing it? The perfect solution is the Ballet Crossbody Duffel Bag.

The Ballet Crossbody Duffel Bag features a polka-dot pattern accented with dance graphics to make it perfect for its purpose. It's also easy to keep looking good because you can wipe the upper clean. The side mesh pockets add storage space, and the crossbody strap makes it easy for your girl to carry.

Learning dance is lots of fun, but it's also hard work. One of the best ways to encourage your girl to stick with it and excel is to provide the girls' dance accessories that add to the enjoyment. Payless is a great place to find what she needs.

Visit a Payless store near you, or go online to do your shopping. You'll like what you find, and you'll love how these girls' dance accessories add to your tiny dancer's enthusiasm for learning and performing.

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