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American Eagle was born in 1986 in order to serve and grow the freestyle skateboard community. It continues today with the goal of producing footwear for the action sports community. The brand is fueled by passion and progression, driven by people pushing innovation and willing to take risks. It starts with the traditional Airwalk Legacee Sneakers for Kids, Women and Men; continues with the Airwalk Concur XP Sneakers (for kids and women); and transitions to the Airwalk Girls Knit Running Shoes.

Some more notable highlights include the Men’s Reider Sneaker, Women’s Vertek Sneaker, and Women’s Concur Sports Sneaker. You can also get comfy and casual with the Airwalk Women’s Flurry Slip-on Moccasin Flats, Women’s Reel Wedge Sandal, and Women’s Dream Slip-On Flats. Finally, this Airwalk Men’s Boardside High Top Skate Sneaker is an ode to Airwalk’s roots.

Airwalk has boots covered as well, including the Women’s Teddi Short Cozy Boots and Women’s Bear Mid Cozy Boots.

And to complete the look for the whole family, we can’t forget to mention the Toddler Boys Knit Running Shoe, Toddler Kids Gusto Running Shoe, and the Toddler Boys Shark Sandal.