Take care of your shoes with accessories from Payless! Add a new pair of shoestrings or some comfortable insoles or pads to keep you comfortable in every situation.

It's easy to forget how important your feet and footwear are in your daily life — at least it's easy until something goes wrong. You want to do everything you can to keep your shoes comfortable and your feet happy, and that's where Payless men's shoe care products come in. At Payless, you'll find products that make walking and standing less tiring and keep your footwear looking good — and help you always put your best foot forward.

Just about everyone comes across slippery surfaces, whether they're icy sidewalks or wet or freshly waxed floors. If you face these hazards, Safe Step Sole Pads are for you. Just press them onto the sole of your shoe, and you're ready to go. A peel-off paper backing makes the process quick and easy.

Do you end up crushing the back of your shoe when you put it on? Over time, this action can damage your shoes. All you need to help your shoes last longer is a shoe horn. The Payless Shoe Horn has a long handle, so you don't have to put your foot up or bend over to use it.

If you find yourself with sore legs and tired joints when you get home, or even during the day, maybe the problem is your shoes. Try a pair of Foam Cushion Insoles. They're perfect, no matter what kind of shoe you wear. You'll have the ideal weapon to fight blisters and callouses. Your shoes will fit better, and the extra support will reduce stress.

When you open the closet, can you smell your shoes? If so, it's time to use Payless Shoe Refreshers. Put them inside your shoes or other source of odor, such as a gym bag or locker, and the fresh mint scent will waft the bad smells away.

Taking care of your shoes and feet is easier than you might think. Take a look at the men's shoe care products at your local Payless store, or shop online.

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