Trendy New Sandals Spring into Spring!


Spring will be here before you know it, and it's time to start anew with the perfect pair of sandals. With new and updated Spring 2015 styles, let these sandals spring into your warm-weather wardrobe.

Bright Sandals

Bright sandals draw much-deserved attention to a beautifully manicured foot this season. The goal of bright flats is to match or complement multi-colored clothing typically worn in spring. Wear a flat in a bold solid with patterned skirts and dresses, or sport your brightest brights with a flat sandal in a fun print.

Thick Strap Sandals

Straps on strappy sandals have gotten thicker this season, making them much more comfortable. Thicker straps distribute the pressure more evenly, preventing unsightly marks on your feet — and this chic style is just as alluring as ever.

Embellished Athletic Sandals

Embellished athletic sandals are some of the best sandals for spring. Last year, athletic sandals were worn primarily at the gym, but the style has definitely gotten revamped. This year, metal accents, rhinestones, and cool colors might encourage you to try a pair of this comfy, convenient style — even if you aren't trying to exercise.

Laser Cut-Out Sandals

The cut-out trend is back for another round this spring. The intricate, sometimes lacy patterns help create an understated, feminine look. Plus, you get to be comfortable and fabulous at the same time. The cutouts make them functional, as they let your feet breathe in the fresh air and warm weather.

It's probably been a while since your feet have been out and about, so treat them to a new sandals: Spring is almost here!

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