ARCHIVES | April 2015

Fashion Watch: The Latest Fashion Trends for ShoesApril 27, 2015

Now that the polar vortex has finally headed back north where it belongs, you may be spending too much time outside to keep up with what's happening on the fashion runways. So here's a [Read More]

Cute and Comfortable Sandals for SpringApril 27, 2015

Refreshing your style for the new season doesn't have to mean going out and buying dressy new threads. If casual cool is your aesthetic, there's definitely room to embrace that. Breathe new [Read More]

How to Make a Cap Toe PumpApril 27, 2015

Remember those scuffed-up pumps that you once loved? Are they sitting sad and alone in the back of your closet? The perfect way to resurrect your old friends is to make them into a totally [Read More]

How to Clean Shoes With Household ProductsApril 27, 2015

Have you ever gotten rid of a pair of shoes you couldn't get clean — or just resigned yourself to wearing spotty, scuffed-up shoes? That may be because no one's ever taught you how to clean [Read More]