Hitting The Books And Learning Independence Doesn't Just Happen At School


Any parent can tell you how exciting and frustrating it can be once your child starts to express their desire for independence. This can be a difficult stage not only because you're forced into long periods of patience which we're sometime severely lacking and it feels like they no longer need us, which pains us in ways we can't describe.

Never mind the fact that my child is only 5 and in an hour she'll want me to make her another snack. The fact that she can now put on her own shoes - which takes longer than I'd like most days - feels like she's slipping away.

Seriously, I'm so thrilled that she's able to do things on her own. My little baby is heading back to preschool this month and the things that she's learned to on her own over the summer have been astounding. Not the least of which was putting on her own shoes. She's found it's a lot easier with her super cute pink Airwalk shoes from Payless.

Not only are these shoes her favorite color, but they're comfortable, inexpensive, and the velcro straps make them easy to put on. Remember velcro when we were young? The thick, horribly loud, bright white straps on thick soled shoes made it look like we were wearing grandma's sneakers. But these? We love them! Sleek, sporty, and perfect for the independent kid.

Payless ShoeSource was always the place we shopped for shoes, and with brands like Airwalk and Champion and recognizable characters from Disney, there's something for the whole family, even the independent types.

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