's large selection of dance shoes for women will have you moving in style! We carry women's dance shoes in all sizes.

Women's dance shoes have to look good and perform well. Ballet slippers and shoes, jazz shoes, and tap shoes should make it easy for you to move and complement your outfit. Women's dance shoes from Payless give you the flexibility and support to let you perform at your best and enhance your performance with their classic appearance.

Take tap shoes, for example. When you're tap dancing, everyone is looking at (and listening to) your feet. Payless tap shoes are designed to help you get the most out of your talent, and their high-gloss shine keeps eyes where they belong. This traditional shoe is accented with a bow for a secure fit and a touch of old-fashioned class. These tap shoes will give you the edge you're looking for.

Jazz dance requires a shoe with the flexibility to accommodate all your moves. Gore jazz shoes do just that. They move with you, the gore flexing and stretching, so the shoe encourages movement and never restricts it. The sole and upper are also very flexible, so when your foot bends, there's no pinch — and you're truly light on your feet.

Ballet is all about grace and strength. You need a ballet shoe that accentuates your grace and makes the most of your strengths. It needs to be durable but also flexible, tough but gentle on your foot. Ballet shoes from Payless give you all these qualities at great values.

The same is true of Payless ballet slippers. They perform their function well because they're both durable and comfortable. They give you the protection you need, but you'll feel as though they're not even there. Whether you wear them to dance — or you just love the style and wear them to relax — Payless ballet slippers are real performers.

Shop women's dance shoes at Payless stores and online. They give you what you need, whether you're on the stage, in a class, or even just your living room.

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